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What is this blog site thingie?

This site is just my journey into most things VMware related. Since I’m tired of keeping a billion tabs opened and I’m too lazy bookmarking all the informative sites I find about VMs. I’ve decided to create a simple blog that documents my VM findings as I play around with the technology.

A ton of links to other sites as well from people way smarter than me that assisted in building my lab and overcoming certain situations regarding the technology. I also have a pretty bad memory, so this will help me keep track of everything.

Sooo what's a VM?

If you are on this site then you should probably know this…but anyway. VMs are Virtual Machines. It’s basically software that emulates hardware components. I know you’ve heard of video game emulators. You ever play a rom on an emulator? Slightly different but same concept.

Then what the heck is a scrub?

verb: scrub; 3rd person present: scrubs; past tense: scrubbed; present participle: scrubby

  1. Someone who isn’t very good at something.
  2. Noob, newbie, scrub. It’s all the same.

Not sure when the slang term scrub first originated. Probably somewhere in the early 90’s. Being an avid fan of fighting games, scrub is a word the FGC uses to describe someone that sucks.

Hmmm sounds pretty kewl. Can I do this also?

VMware offers a 60 day evaluation period to try their product out. You can either do it on their virtual lab or download the products and create your own.

If you create your own, you’ll need some stuff to build your own Home Lab.

Aww man...creating a home lab looks pretty pricey!

Yeah. All hobbies get pricey. Get over it!

In the end, I suppose it just depends on what kind of experience you want with it. The more powerful machine will deliver a smooth fluid quicker response. I mean, you can use your existing equipment and run VMware Workstation, create some nested hosts and still have a pretty decent lab setup.

I’m not running the latest and greatest either, but I’m not too impatient that I can’t wait a few more seconds/minutes for things to happen.

Some of this VM mumbo jumbo seems pretty complicated!

I agree. I consider myself a scrub also. Which is why I decided to document some of the troubles I ran into when working with the technology. Often times it helps me understand it better if I write it out.

Cool story bro. Peace out!



All the views and opinions on this blog are my own and will probably change over time. Nothing here reflects the opinions and views of my employer, wife, cat, and your mom!

— Erick Dimalanta


So yeah, I'm a crazy geek. Gadgets, video games, technology, you name it. I also enjoy being outdoors snowboarding, hiking or biking. Yey! I'm probably the coolest person you'll never meet.

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