Home Lab

Yeah whatever! So not quite what that header image shows but you gotta dream big right?

Anyway, my current home lab is tiny. Bigger than it was a little while ago but still not as good as I’d like. A lot of the parts I bought randomly on eBay or the murder site my local craigslist. Surprisingly you can get a lot of cheap stuff if you are willing to risk your life. In a dark alley. At night. Behind a bar. With no clothes on. Wait wut? 😛

So I’ve been saving for a new home lab upgrade. Unfortunately, I spend all my money on ice cream.

Ummm..what's the benefit of all this again?

Anyway, this is what I’m currently rollin’ with:


So I've finally updated my lab with some better hardware. I'll now have better horsepower to do all the things 🙂

I'd say I'm about 88% to where I want to be. Just need more memory!

Progress Bar

Now I didn't replace everything completely, but I've still listed the components in my old lab below for nostalgia sake <3

  • 1. Compute
  • 2. Memory
  • 3. Storage
  • 4. Network & PSU

1x - Dedicated NIC for iLO

4x - Embedded 1GbE Network Adapters

4x - Power Supply 500w

Network and redundant power is no joke on this chassis. I should be able to now have dedicated VMkernel ports for different networking traffic of my choosing. 

  • vMotion traffic
  • Fault tolerance (FT) logging
  • Management traffic
  • vSphere replication traffic
  • iSCSI traffic
  • NFS traffic
  • Old Lab

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