October 15, 2018

The cool thing about working in IT is networking with all the amazing people. Sometimes those amazing people become friends and allow you to get a glimpse into their headquarters.


This provides a view into their work culture of the amazing companies that change the world. 

Facebook Campus

What an amazing experience. I loved everything about this campus. The amount of food that is prepared here for the employees is insane. I'd definitely love to come back just to try all the delicious food.

They also provide so many recreational activities internally which almost makes you not want to ever leave and live at the place of your employment. Pretty sweet 🙂

Apple Campus

Also amazing and such a nicely designed place. It wasn't as opened up as the Facebook campus only because most things are siloed off due to development secrecy. 

Even visited the main Apple store which was crazy nice and the amount of development and thought that goes into even the architecture of the buildings is beautiful. 

I can't wait to see the spaceship campus once they are allowed to let visitors in. 


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