VMUG Las Vegas May 2017 Meeting

Went to a VMUG meeting today to mingle a bit with the VMware community here in town. The meeting was sponsored by this backup company named Unitrends which offers a pretty cool backup solution. The meeting topic was more on Ransomware because of the WannaCry fiasco and how it can be prevented. Great guys with some cool ideas on [...]


ESXi 6.5 Home Lab Setup (Part 2of2)

Now that we’ve created our install media in Part 1, we can move on to installing ESXi on the 8GB USB boot drive. Plug In Your Drives Make sure you plug in both drives into your NUC. I’ll plug in the ESXi installer into the front USB port and the static boot drive will remain plugged in on the back. Booting Up The NUC After [...]


Bootstrapping the vCenter 6.5 Appliance onto vSAN 6.6 with a single ESXi Host.


Creating A VMFS Datastore On A USB Drive

Home Lab

Provisioning iSCSI Shared Storage


ESXi 6.5 Home Lab Setup (Part 2of2)


ESXi 6.5 Home Lab Setup (Part 1of2)

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