April 17, 2018

Perfect. I love new version releases of mostly everything. Just reading through the notes makes my inner nerd creepy excited. 

The biggest piece probably being the improvements in the HTML5 version of the vSphere client. This release is actually the last version of the vSphere Flash client. Thank GOD!

I was always a big fan of the old C# thick client and had to get used to the Flash client, even though deep down in my heart I knew there was something odd and buggy about it. 

Another enhancement I'm excited about is the ability to repoint vCenter to a different PSC even across sites using the cmsso-util command. 

Command> cmsso-util
usage: cmsso-util [-h] {unregister,reconfigure,repoint,domain-repoint} ...
Tool for orchestrating unregister of a node from LS, reconfiguring a vCenter
Server with embedded PSC and repointing a vCenter Server to an external PSC in
same as well as different domain.
positional arguments:
     unregister          Unregister node. Passing --node-pnid will unregister
                         solution users, computer account and service
                         endpoints. Passing --hostId will unregister only
                         service endpoints and solution users.
     reconfigure         Reconfigure a vCenter with an embedded Platform
                         Services Controller(PSC) to a vCenter Server. Then it
                         repoints to the provided external PSC node.
     repoint             Repoints a vCenter with an external Platform Services
                         Controller(PSC) to the provided external PSC node.
     domain-repoint      Repoint vCenter Server from one Platform Services
                         Controller to another Platform Services Controller in
                         a different domain. The repointing operation will
                         migrate Tags, Authorization, License data to another
                         Platform Services Controller.
optional arguments:
   -h, --help            show this help message and exit


Unsure why this was not available in 6.5 as this functionality was present in the 6.0 version. I'm just glad to have it back. 

Dafaq is a PSC and why do you care? 

Anyway, I can't wait to try it out. I'll post some home lab 6.5 > 6.7 vCenter and ESXi update steps in the near future 🙂


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