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Bootstrapping the vCenter 6.5 Appliance onto vSAN 6.6 with a single ESXi Host.

Quick Navigation PrerequisitesCreate Domain Controller VM & Configure DC w/DNS RoleStage 1 – Installing vCenter and Creating vSAN ClusterStage 2 – Completing the VCSA Setup So after all this prep work, we can now install vCenter to do all the cool things. Also, since we are installing vCenter 6.5, we may as well utilize the […]

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Provisioning iSCSI Shared Storage

Quick Navigation Configure iSCSI TargetsConfigure InitiatorsCreating VMFS Shared Storage Datastore Ah good ol’ storage. There never seems to be enough of it especially for data hoarders like myself. For my home lab I’m going to need some shared storage amongst all my ESXi hosts. Since I don’t have a dedicated fibre channel SAN, I can re-purpose my Western […]

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ESXi 6.5 Home Lab Setup (Part 1of2)

Quick Navigation Things I’ll needBuild the ISOCreate A Bootable USB Ok so first things first! Since I have all the hardware components I can start to put together this lab. I’ve already installed the memory into the NUCs and now I need the installation media to install and configure the ESXi 6.5 boot drive.Things I’ll needI’ll […]

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