December 6, 2020

So VMworld 2020 came and went this year. The show was great considering the virtual nature of it due to this pandemic the world is currently in. One thing that I always looked forward to was the yearly backpack they provide for attendees. For 2020, this didn't happen since the show was virtual and free. 


VMworld 2020 Backpack Reveal

VMware then announced the new Limited Edition 2020 backpack which was only obtainable through participating in sessions and demos. Even then, you'd still have to be selected randomly to win one of these bad boys.

How limited is this you ask? It looks as though they have only produced 2600. Which is crazy considering VMworld typically houses 20,000+ attendees. 

VMworld 2020 was a conference I'll never forget. Hell, 2020 itself was an unforgettable year for me both good and bad. Well after months of interviewing...on the very first day of VMworld 2020, I received a verbal job offer to join VMware!

It has been a dream of mine to work here for so long and I was over the moon happy! 🙂

Because of this, I had to have this 2020 Backpack. So I obtainEd it By other meAns necessarY. 😎

VMworld Backpack 2017-2020

My first VMworld was VMworld 2017. Since then, I've attended every VMworld following that and collecting the backpack each year. 

I will have to say that this 2020 version is one of my favs in terms of build quality and functionality. 

VMworld 2020 Backpack Review


The VMworld 2020 backpack came in a shipping box from the company LEED's which is a supplier of high-quality promotional products, then further VMware branded by Brandvia

2020 Backpack

The backpack itself is really sleek and high quality. Much better than the 2019 version that looked like it should be worn by high school students.

This version is a lot more mature and subtle with the VMware logo in the bottom left corner and the LE VMworld 2020 logo in the upper right. To me, It aligns more with a technology professional and the Dell Technologies logo on the shoulder strap is a nice touch. 

Outer Bag

The outer portion of this bag has a small diagonal slit to place any quick to access items. I use it for my eyeglass case, face mask and a few other miscellaneous things. 

I guess VMware realized how much fluid people drink since this bag has 2 stretchy side water bottle pockets. It's definitely welcomed since I drink a ton of water myself. 

This fits two water bottles pretty snugly. I tried throwing in a 40oz water bottle in the side but it looks like 24-32oz may be the maximum depending on how your bottle is shaped.

This can also be used to carry other items such as emergency food. You never know when you'll be needing just-in-case nori, sriracha and vienna sausages. 😛

Inner Bag

The first inner layer contains a compartment for charging banks, pens, ID's, business cards, external hdds, cables, etc. Of course whatever other essentials you'll need on your day to day excursions. 

Tech Compartment

Going deeper into the bag, we have another compartment to secure a tablet, book, over-ear headphones, and anything else you may need. I like using this space for my tablet and laptop charging cables since I can throw it in there without care. 

Laptop Compartment

The final section is used to place your laptop. Here I can fit a 13" Macbook + a Nintendo Switch. I actually never carry the switch outside of my house but it's simply there to showcase how much you can fit. This can definitely occupy a larger laptop such as a 15-17" given the way the entire section blooms open. 

The inside feels nice and soft, almost like a velvet feeling or good micro fiber cloth material. Either way, the material feels awesome and instantly makes you want to curl up and sleep in here. 

Final Thoughts

This is now going to be my go-to everyday bag whenever I leave the house for work. Which is few and far between now but at least I'll have this awesome accessory to equip me for the day. 


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