November 28, 2021

Can't talk about VMworld without talking about the swag. Despite VMworld 2021 being virtual again, our Las Vegas VMUG group held an in-person watch party. To my surprise, they were giving away the 2021 Limited Edition Backpack to all those that registered and attended the event!


VMworld 2021 Backpack Reveal

VMware announced a new Limited Edition 2021 backpack again this year as they did the years prior. I wrote about the reveal in a previous post and this backpack was only obtainable by participating in surveys, sessions and demos. 

Those engagements still won't guarantee you a bag, it only qualifies you to win a VMworld Challenge prize. One of those prizes just happens to be a backpack. 

So I was super excited to have received the backpack by attending the in-person VMworld watch party!

VMworld Backpack 2017-2021

Still collecting these bags since my first VMworld in 2017. Gotta keep the tradition going and the collection growing!

VMworld 2021 Backpack Review

2021 Limited Edition Backpack

This wasn't shipped to me so I couldn't do a proper unboxing. The bag itself seems really well made with an interesting turquoise color tone choice. Here are the official bag features:

  • The separate back compartment keeps items organized and safe with the plush fleece accents and pockets for a laptop, tablet, chargers, and cords all in one location
  • The interior 210D lining material is made from recycled plastic bottles that may have otherwise gone to a land fill
  • Durable coated body fabric and zipper tape are wipeable and provide some water resistance
  • The reverse “hood opening” to the main compartment provides a wide mouth opening to easily pack items with a clean silhouette
  • The integrated trolley strap and adjustable sternum strap on the back make business (or personal) travel more comfortable

Still shows the Dell Technologies logo on the shoulder strap. This bag could be a bit iconic as this would be the last year VMware would be part of Dell

Outer Bag

On the outer portion of the back includes an diagonal pocket for some quick access items. This is where I typically store all my random snacks, extra face masks and a small thingie of band-aids. 

Inspecting further around the sides of the bag includes two water bottle elastic sleeves. They do stretch a good amount allowing for some decent sized water bottles, coconut water, peanut butter, cookies and emergency nori

Your eyes are blurry, not this photo 😛

Also, the back of the bag has a thicker, more durable trolley strap for travel compared to the design last year. 

Inner Bag

The first compartment has a sleeve and pockets galore. Enough for pens, business cards, USB hubs, cables, and a small notebook. The included sleeve could fit the a 12.9 iPad Pro comfortably. 

Tech & Laptop Compartment

Different from the 2020 backpack, this 2021 bag reduced the amount of zippers and storage. This version combines the tech and laptop compartment to share a room in the back. 

Despite doing so, it is still roomy enough for a full 16" Macbook, over the ear headphones, glasses case and other miscellaneous items in the mesh pouch. They all fit pretty sung and comfortably in my tests. Also, the last section does open up all the way like a sandwich to make it easier to fit all the items you want. 

I still love how all these bags include that soft, velvet, micro fiber compartment. Both my cats would knead all over the material before they sleep in that compartment forever!

Final Thoughts

So honestly, I like the bag, but I don't love it. I would have loved this to be my everyday bag, but the 2020 version is far superior in both looks and functionality imho. Plus that turquoise color isn't my favorite and makes me cry blood just a little. 😀 

Still, I can't wait to see what the 2022 bag will be like since it's the first time in 18 years VMware will be an independent company. 


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